Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Vancouver-Seoul Artist Residency Inauguration


Saturday, March 5, 2016 | 7pm

1981 Main Street


Support our 2015 Seoul Residency program

In 2015, Centre and the RAT school of ART ( (Seoul, Korea) agreed to establish an annual exchange and residency program ( to help build collaboration and friendship between art scenes in Seoul and Vancouver, creating new opportunities for ongoing dialogue and cultural productivity.

The program’s inaugural artist, Alex Grünenfelder is helping us kickstart this initiative through an extension of his Cube Living Project, a project he first initiated in Vancouver as a means to engage the public in an important dialogue about the creation, exchange and value of urban space. Now, with Cube Living CA/RAT Seoul he is enabling supporters of the Centre A – RAT school of ART Residency and Exchange Program to create literal cubic feet of artist residency space in Seoul through a simple online purchase. By engaging in this project you not only support the creation of an artist residency, but you become an integral participant in Grünenfelder’s Cube Living Project. To support go to or join us on Saturday March 5th, 7pm at 1981 Main Street, as we launch Cube Living CA/RAT Seoul and host a send off reception for Alex.