Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

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Walking on the Line (2015)

18 Buildings (2015)









Walking On the Line (2015)                                                                18 Buildings Postcard Book (2015)









Yishu:Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art May/June (2012)          Yellow Signal: New Media in China Poster (2012)









To-From (BC Electric Railway 100 Years) (2012)                              I Can See Your Underwear: Kelly Lycan and Natalie                                                                                                                                              Purschwitz (2011)









Her Rain: Lani Maestro (2011)                                                           Co-Lab (2011)








Project Rainbow: After Blue (2010)                                                    Sing Juk Sing (2010)









Slow Guide (2009)                                                                             Another City booklet (2009)










A Little Distillery in Nowgong: A Novel Across Media (2009)            Cosmologies: Anything That Exists Has A Beginning (2009)









Khan Lee: Untitled (2009)                                                                  Louise Noguchi: Exhibition Catalgoue (2008)









David Khang: How to Feed A Piano (2008)                                       Fantastic: Bernadette Phan and Sally Lee (2007)









Turning the Lights On: Koki Tanaka (2007)                                        Redress Express (2007)









Overflow: Germaine Koh (2007)                                                        Taiwan From Within the Mist (2007)









Joanna Staniszkis: Silk City (2006)                                                    Mending Peace: Yoko Ono (2006)









China Trade (2006)                                                                            Neighbourhood (2005)









Charlie Don’t Surf: 4 Vietnamese American Artists (2005)                Anthology of the International Symposium on                                                                                                                                                         Taiwanese Art (2005)









Para/Site: Open Work-23 Hong Kong Artists (2004)                          Resonance: Anita Dube and Subodh Gupta (2004)









Zone Flottante: Mei-Kuei Feu (2004)                                                 Informal Residency (2004)









Invisible City: Chen Chieh-Jen and Yuan Goang-Ming (2003)           ESC (Electronic Social Culture) CD-ROM (2002)










Louise Noguchi: Recent Work (1999)