Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Thank you!

Centre A was founded in 1999 by Hank Bull, Zheng Shentian and Stephanie Holmquist in order to found an institution that, through the collection and exhibition of contemporary Asian art, would honour and deepen Vancouver’s trans-Pacific relationships. Now, as we continue to pursue that founding vision, we work to empower artistic endeavours that function to: deepen understanding and respect for Asian-Canadian histories; explore how race and power function in our society; share convivially with friends and deepen relationships while building understanding across cultures. In order to do that work, Centre A depends on the vision and generosity of its donors.

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have given gifts to us this year:

Maryon Adelaar
Elliat Albrecht
Jan and Mark Ballard
Jo-Anne Birnie-Danzker
Hank Bull
Nigel Bullers
Mary and Cedric Burgers
Beth Carter
Kristin Cheung
Susanna Chow
Barbara Cole
Paul Crowe
Shaun Dacey
Robert Dewey
Bon Dos Remedios
Sunshine Frere
Diana Freundl
Juliette and Sven Freybe
Mina Fung
John Gan
Natalie Tin Yin Gan
Shanti Ganesh
Kevin Harding
Mengya He
Josh Hon
Denise Holland
Kevin Huang
Catherine Hughesman
Peter Hussell
Elsie and Audrey Jang Fund
Sherri Kajiwara
Ali Kenyon

2017 Auction Artists
Diyan Achjadi
Mika Agari
Derya Akay
Seung Woo Back
Marcus Bowcott
Patrick Cruz
Jinyoung Kim
Emi Kodama
Jimmy Liang
Ka Fai Ng
Gailan Ngan
Howie Tsui
Chih-Chien Wang
Morgan Wong
Paul Wong

Germaine Koh and Ian Verchere
Chris Lee
Judith Lindsay
Cecilia Yuan Liu
Don and Cora Li-Leger
Anndraya Luui
Joni Low
Rachel Martinuk
Golya Mirderikva
Blair Montgomery
John McCaig
Karen Ngan
Birthe Piontek
Isabella Roosevelt
Carey Schaefer
Remy Siu
Alex Tam
Henry Tsang and Emiko Morita
Alexandra Tse
Jayce Salloum
Zool Suleman
Yin Qing
Olivia Qiu
Denis Walz
Ann Webb
Natasha Kaye Whiffin
Andy Yan
Winfield Yan
Andrea Yu
Karen Zalamea
Yizhe Zhao
Li Zhou