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Louise Noguchi: Solo Exhibition


Louise Noguchi: Solo Exhibition
A parallel program of WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution exhibition in Vancouver Art Gallery

Exhibition: November 14 – December 20
Opening: November 14, Friday, 8pm (with artist attendance)

Curator: Makiko Hara

Centre A will present Toronto based Japanese-Canadian artist, Louise Noguchi as a parallel program in conjunction of “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution exhibition in Vancouver Art Gallery”. This first solo exhibition of Louise Noguchi in Vancouver features two major works from her production of the last decade (1999-2008) including a multi-video installation work entitled “The Language of the Rope ,1999” and her new installation works, Mirror, and Shanghai Dragon (Moisture Forms), 2008. “The Language of the Rope is a series of work that explores her interest in wild-west performance skills. In the video installation work, slow motion sounds of knives swirling in mid-air and landing with a loud “thud” surround the viewer. Visually, each video documents different aspects of a traditional knife throwing performance, where the artist performing as the knife thrower’s assistant as fasten up herself onto the revolving target. In the new work, Mirror, and Shanghai Dragon, Noguchi examines the role of the heroic landscape in Hollywood action films and how these landscapes play a part in the narrative of the heroic figure. In exploring artificial landscapes obtained from popular films such as Superman, Star Wars, Forbidden Planet, Enter the Dragon, the Lady from Shanghai, the artist recreates props from these movies remaking them in materials different from their original in order to give the work a new context. By using a photograph to represent the mirrors and sculptures of the objects within the reflections, viewers will not be able to locate themselves within their environment; this new space is reminiscent of film space where one is an unseen participant in a scene. Overall, the exhibition presents Noguchi’s continuous exploration of social, physical and psychological boundaries.

Press Coverage
Knife throwers meet Sci-fi forms in Louise Noguchi’s art – Robin Laurence 

For more information, please contact:

Makiko Hara (curator)