Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Khan Lee Untitled


Khan Lee

November 14 – December 20, 2009
Opening reception, Friday, November 13, 8:00 pm
Curator: Makiko Hara

Support Circle: David Cousins, Charles Haynes, Elsie Jang, Alice Ming Wai Jim, Moshe Mastai, Sidney Shadbolt


Centre A is pleased to present the first survey solo exhibition by Vancouver artist Khan Lee. The exhibition will include recent sculpture, including a large kinetic work, a sphere made of one million pennies and a specially commissioned three-screen film and video installation called “Shot”.

“Shot” consists of one 35 mm film loop and two digital video projections. The images show three angles of sharpshooter who fires a rifle directly into the lens of a 35mm film camera, which records its own destruction. “Shot” is about the end of cinema in the digital era. The piece is rich in references to the history and future of cinema, and embodies metaphors that mirror the relationship between viewer and screen.

The artist will also show an ever expanding work of kintetic sculpture called Inflation which consists of a full roll of 2mm poly tubing that is gradually inflated over the course of the exhibition until it completely fills the front window of the gallery.

The third element in this rich and engaging exhibition is a series of small sculptures that are the products of his daily studio practice. While very small scale, these works often deal with the idea of excess and repetition.

Khan Lee has a background in architecture and media arts. His experiments with materials and technologies have resulted in performance, sculpture and media works. He is an active member of contemporary art collectives Instant Coffee and Inter-Mission.