Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Ho Tam Jam! – Hotam Press Launch Party at Centre A

ONE NIGHT ONLY ~ Hotam Press Launch Party

Thursday, June 12, 2014
7 to 10 PM
at Centre A
Free admission

Hotam Press and Centre A are pleased to present the launch of a series of artist’s books by the Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam. Self titled hotam and released quarterly, each issue of the series has an independent theme, subject matter and design, created, produced and distributed by the artist. Digitally printed and available online, the books have been exhibited in various art book fairs and independent booksellers in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Toronto.

The first issue of hotam, “A Brief History of Me,” is the pictorial timeline of the artist juxtaposed by historic events. The second issue “Other People’s Business” is made up of his archive of obsolete business cards of friends and people he used to know. “Journey to the West,” the third release, documents a 19th Century fictional philosopher/traveller in strange places, while the most recent issue No. 4 “Fine China” redesigns classic porcelain wares to commemorate recent history and cultural memory of the country of growing power in the new century.

Along with hotam, Ho Tam will also introduce his other series Poser – an irregular release of photobooks on thematic snapshots of people in the street.

Born in Hong Kong and grown up in Toronto, Ho Tam has been making art over 20 years. He holds a MFA degree from Bard College (NY) and studied at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. Tam taught at University of Toronto and University of Victoria for 6 years before moving over to Vancouver where he works full time on his art. Having worked with a wide range of mediums from painting and drawing to photography and video, Tam is now focusing on his print media work. Besides Hotam Press, he has also published the book, Qianxian (Frontline), in Beijing, China to introduce 18 prominent Canadian artists. Tam is also responsible for two artist’s book series by Canadian and international artists – 88Books and XXXzines.