Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Music Temple

Friday, September 12, 2014 | 7PM

Emi Honda & Jordan McKenzie
Co-presented with Powell Street Festival Society

Artists Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, also known as Elfin Saddle, will be performing live music in their sculptural installation once again on September 12, 7PM at Centre A.

Honda and McKenzie began Elfin Saddle after migrating from Canada’s lush west coast to Montreal, transporting their nature-inspired creations to the urban environs of the east. Already seasoned collaborators in sculptural installation and music, Elfin Saddle began as a more contained outlet for these multi-disciplinary activities, using prepared acoustic instruments, found percussion elements, and often mythological and pantheistic themes delivered in a mixture of English and Japanese. Recently incorporating video projection and audio installation elements into their live performances, the resulting Music Temple presents a pseudo-narrative culmination of all of the above.

Artists’ Website:

The exhibition runs August 2 – September 13, 2014