Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Fantastic: Bernadette Phan and Sally Lee (2007)


Title: Fantastic: Bernadette Phan and Sally Lee

Publisher: Centre A

Year: 2007

Size:  8 ½ x 5 ½ inches / 22 x 14 cm

Price $5.00

Description: Fantastic examines the contemporary studio as a vibrant instrument of artistic   practice. With a personal and playful approach, Sally Lee and Bernadette Phan will transform Centre A into an extension of their own respective studios in the Downtown Eastside. The word fantastic originates from the Greek phantastikos, meaning something that ‘exists only in imagination’, or is made visible by imagination. The modern meaning, used often in a trivial sense as “wonderful, marvelous”, was first recorded in 1938. This exhibition reveals the artist’s studio as a place where the imaginary is made visible. The questioning of everyday, mundane terms has been a consistent theme in the artistic practice of Sally Lee. Bernadette Phan’s paintings explore the boundaries between what is seen and surrounding, a continuous negotiation between surface and background. This exhibition catalogue includes a parallel text written by Anne Lesley Selcer.

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