Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Joanna Staniszkis: Silk City (2006)

Title: Joanna Staniszkis: Silk City

Publisher:  Centre A

Year: 2006

Price: $5.00

Size: 9 x 6 inches / 23 x 15 cm

Description: This exhibition catalogue of Vancouver textile artist Joanna Staniszkis features installation, sculpture, and mediaworks. “Silk City” is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing investigation into the history  aesthetic potential, and ecology of silk. Staniszkis makes reference to the contemporary urban geography of Vancouver and evokes the city’s history as a port for ships arriving from Asia laden with raw silk. This valuable cargo would be loaded onto high priority “Silk Trains” and rushed across the country (past the current site of Centre A) to destinations in Eastern Canada. Cycles of transformation, and the promise therein, are resonant themes in Staniszkis’ work. In “Silk City” this metaphor of personal growth is linked to economies of globalization and social change at play in the urban core.

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