Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Walking On the Line (2015)

    1. Walking on the Line (2015)
    2. Walking on the Line (2015) front
    3. Walking on the Line (2015) back
    4. Walking on the Line (2015) print

Title: Walking On the Line (2015)

Year: 2015

Price: $20.00

Size: 5¾ x 4 inches / 14.7 x 10 cm

Description: Seung Woo Back’s first Canadian solo exhibition, Walking On the Line (2015), investigates the precarious nature of the medium of photography, while offering an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective regarding our relationship to our built environment. Published by IANN Magazine, each page of this mini-book features a segment of Back’s Re-Establishing Shot and includes a print of the full work within the dust jacket. Walking on the Line also contains an essay by the exhibition’s curator, Jeong Eun Kim.

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