Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

/Unpackaged Garden/

/Unpackaged Garden/
Jeong Chanmin
Moon Hayn

August 5-12, 2016
Opening Reception: August 5, 9pm
Open Residence July 31 – August 5
Gallery hours: August 9-12, 12pm-5pm


From July 31–August 5, Jeong Chanmin and Moon Hayn will be occupying Centre A’s main gallery space as artists-in-residence. The gallery will be open to the public during Jeong and Moon’s week-long residency in the space, culminating in /Unpackaged Garden/, an exhibition opening on August 5, 9 pm, with public programming across the first 24 hours from August 5, 9 pm – August 6, 9pm (see below for details).

/Unpackaged Garden/ is loosely based on Jeong and Moon’s previous collaborative exhibition 24 Hours in Seun Sangga in 2015. In that exhibition the work of both artists interacted with the exhibition space–an empty market stall in a shopping area in Seoul, as well as the material history of a nearby building in the area. For /Unpackaged Garden/, Jeong and Moon are occupying, negotiating with and engaging Centre A’s main gallery space through spatial and material investigations during their open residency and exhibition: Moon through a series of sculptures, installations and a mapping project that play with the exhibition space and utilize locally sourced found materials, and Jeong in a photographic installation that re-examines the way we experience space and photography.

Alongside the works and installations by Jeong and Moon, there will be various events and programs throughout the duration of their residency and exhibition that take into consideration the span of 24 hours here in Vancouver and Seoul, Jeong and Moon’s home and base. Part of the events and programs for this exhibition corresponds to and is available in Korean time.

Join us on August 5, 9pm for the Opening Reception of /Unpackaged Garden/. It will be followed by a livestreamed Korean language Artist Tour at 10pm Vancouver time, 2pm Korea time, on August 6th.


Part of Centre A’s educational programming, this exhibition is organized by Canada Summer Jobs Student and Gallery Assistant Aubin Kwon, and our 2015-16 BCAC Co-op Student, Curatorial Assistant, Christian Vistan with the help of Tyler Russell, Natalie Tan, Jourdan Tymkow and RAT school of ART’s Dirk Fleischmann and Mijoo Park.


PUBLIC PROGRAMMING (subject to change)

July 31, 2016

12 pm Nail Spot Project – Join artist Moon Hayn in creating a map of nails found in Chinatown.


August 5-6, 2016

9 pm Opening reception

10 pm Korean language exhibition tour with Jeong Chanmin and Moon Hayn – livestreamed

12am-7am Screening of The roses of Sharon have blossomed by Jeong Chanmin


8 am Coffee & tea with publications from the Centre A Reading Room selected by Jeong Chanmin and Moon Hayn

9 am Breakfast

10 am Bookmaking

12 pm Book launch at lunch: Nail Spot Project by Moon Hayn and 25.47 m² – Alex Grunenfelder (Centre A’s 2016 RAT school of ART Artist-in-Residence)

4 pm Screening of works by Jeong Chanmin with snack

7 pm English language exhibition tour / Closing reception


JEONG CHANMIN is working towards her MFA at ChungAng-University in Seoul and is a member of RAT school of ART. She works with photography, and is interested in the relationship of the photographic medium and the perception of space. Her installations combine formal material experimentation with poetic elements.

MOON HAYN graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul with a degree in Environmental Design and is a member of a RAT school of ART. Her work is developed with a high level of sensitivity for the history of the materials that she collects. Her installations are site specific and are informed by her background in architecture.


About Centre A and the RAT school of ART’s Canada – Korea Residency & Exchange Program:

In 2015, Centre A and the RAT school of ART (Seoul, Korea) established an annual exchange and residency program. This unique collaboration highlights the role of contemporary artists in trans-national, Asia-Canada relationship building, and creates new opportunities for cultural productivity, and the contestation and contemplation of ideas. In spring of 2016, Vancouver artist Alex Grunenfelder was selected to be Centre A’s inaugural RAT school of ART artist-in-residence, and this summer we are pleased to welcome, Jeong Chanmin and Moon Hayn as the exchange and residency program’s artists-in-residence here at Centre A.


About the RAT school of ART:

The RAT school of ART (RAT) is a self directed study program in Seoul, Korea, that involves critique sessions for independent passionate artists. The RAT school of ART offers a personalized learning program that nurtures self-learning and self-organization within an inspiring environment of critical reflection in relation to artistic discourses. RAT brings together individuals from diverse cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds and is lead by Dirk Fleischmann.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Centre A and RAT school of ART, part of RAT school of ART and Centre A’s Canada-Korea Residency and Exchange Program, and is generously supported by Arts Council Korea.

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