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Events & Performances: Here I only worry about my feet, your feet, everybody’s feet

13239968_1066898786690269_7019004136833266890_nHere I only worry about my feet, your feet, everybody’s feet is a series of events, performances and artist projects curated by Christian Vistan, taking place from June 3 to July 2, 2016 at and around Centre A, 229 East Georgia in Vancouver’s Chinatown. This month-long program includes performative, collaborative and participatory works and projects by Mika Agari (Nashville, TN), Keely O’Brien with Popcorn Galaxies (Vancouver), Soraya Pathman (Vancouver), Kiyoshi Whitley (Vancouver), Tongyu Zhao (Chicago, IL) and Pongsakorn (Vancouver).

June 22-24, 2016 | 7:30pm

June 25, 2016 | 6pm

Kiyoshi Whitley: Projections Under One’s Tongue / Hanabi

at Centre A


Kiyoshi Whitley will occupy Centre A’s main gallery space for a series of performances over four nights, Projections Under One’s Tongue / Hanabi. June 22, Wednesday 7:30pm (limited seating – no late entry), June 23, Thursday 7:30pm (limited seating – no late entry), June 24, Friday 7:30pm and June 25, Saturday 6-10pm.


“Projections Under One’s Tongue / Hanabi” is


a series of performative gestures that make use of the existing architecture of the gallery space

of Center A. Simple acts of manipulation will unsheath the something of something – and

the loonie may spike to 90 cents! Watch a tongue seek employment, experience a shift or a shit

differently, feel in tune with a wall or a lanky man crawl. Obvious questions will be pegged to be

questioned, beckoning high hands. For those afraid of the dark maybe it’s time to test your

wits, or not, or come on Friday or Saturday.


A blue collared yak will attempt to parallel park. Please be wary of its horns.


Best Wishes,

Enjoy the summer!

Friday, July 1, 2016 | 3pm

Elk Walk, Keely O’Brien with Popcorn Galaxies

at Centre A


Join us on July 1st, 3pm for the final Elk Walk of a series of weekly public puppet performances for Here I only worry about my feet, your feet, everyone’s feet at Centre A. There will be a picnic following the walk at the green space on the corner of Union St. and Gore Ave.

Elk Walk is a large-scale public puppet intervention featuring five puppets inspired by the fossilized skeletons of the extinct Irish Elk—the largest species of deer to ever live. Throughout the month, the puppets have wandered in and out of the gallery in weekly walks around the neighbourhood, culminating in a July 1, 3pm walk. With a volunteer cast of puppeteers, a mixture of Chinatown locals and local theatre performers and artists, the walks through Chinatown see the work interact with complex local histories and ongoing processes of urban change.

Saturday, July 2, 2016 | 7:30pm

Foot Note On A Few Things (day 30), Tongyu Zhao

at Centre A


Foot Note On A Few Things (day 30) happens on the 30th day of its month long participatory object accumulation from the neighborhood of Chinatown, Vancouver. You might wonder what will happen, the artist is also wondering the same as you. She hopes that this can turn into something chaotic but simple, personal but communicative. Through these known and unknown objects, with the travels that both you and the artist have made in order for this to happen, the artist expects to counter our collective language of understanding history and memory, but most importantly in awareness of where the feet stand: the very present moment as creation, knowledge and life happens. 30 notes acting as 30 blank scores will be performed throughout the evening. For each note the artist will create an intuitive active installation of play and display with the objects. As of now, the artist still has no idea of what’s there, what’s not there and what’s more to come.

Here I only worry about my feet, your feet, everybody’s feet, is taking place on traditional unceded Coast Salish land including the territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

Here I only worry about my feet, your feet, everybody’s feet is made possible through a curatorial mentorship co-op funded by BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Grant.