Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

How To Win Friends & Influence People: RJ x Centre A Talks

Mural, Julie Mehretu, commission for Goldman Sachs


Tuesday July 11, 2017 at 7pm

This event takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Peoples.


Does the tendency of our era to privatize public goods and make an upward redistribution of wealth have you feeling down? Do you feel your debt follow you in your shadow? Are you made restless by feelings of digital abstraction, the ubiquity of camera and screen in daily life a real monkey on your back? Ever try to relax and just watch the clouds pass by and in the clouds you register the serene face of Mark Zuckerberg smiling down on you? (Hello again, Mark). Are you over your data limit? Have you maxed out your credit card? And once again you’re late for yoga.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


We are delighted to invite you to a rare and transformational evening with RJ Basinillo.

Join us for the unique opportunity to sit with RJ as he discusses spiritual awakening and the transformation of consciousness. With his hallmark warmth, humour, and compassion, this evening will connect you with the peace and serenity that arises from living in the moment.


This is a one-night-only event and seating is limited. We welcome you to join us remotely via Facebook live if you are unable to attend irl.

This talk accompanies our current exhibition, Bad Flavour, Wonderful Taste




RJ Basinillo is a writer who hasn’t published anything in years. Born at Vancouver’s Grace Hospital in 1988 towards the end of a long hot summer, he has lived here ever since. RJ used to play basketball with acclaimed Vancouver artist Jeff Wall. His most recent work involves cursing out heads of state and captains of industry on social media. Some of his influences include: the short fiction of Donald Barthelme, Leonard Michaels, and Deborah Eisenberg; the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop; the music of Ornette Coleman; the paintings of Kerry James Marshall; the sculpture of Brian Jungen; and the YouTube channels of Ballislife, Ballervisions, Hometownhoops, and Hoopmixtape. RJ is currently working a construction gig with a boutique framing company on houses very few Vancouverites could ever afford.