Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art


  1. Image from untitled part 9: this time (2020) by Jayce Salloum. Courtesy of the artist.

  2. Image from This Does Not Authorize Re-Entry (2021) by Jenny Yujia Shi. Courtesy of the artist.

  3. Image from K BODY AND MIND (2021) by A Wake of Vultures | Conor Wylie. Courtesy of the artists.

Entry/Exit: A Film Screening

Saturday, April 23, 2022, 4 6:30 PM PDT

Centre A’s Living Room presents Entry/Exit: A Film Screening, a program of films that consider the themes of movement and dislocation. The featured artists and collective take into consideration the two themes through lived experiences of immigration, war, and disruption through the lens of animation, documentary, and interdisciplinary performance. The films, therefore, create an intermediate space that points to a push-and-pull sensibility or visual language. 


Jayce Salloum, untitled part 9: this time (2020), 6:13 minutes. North American Premiere.

Jenny Yujia Shi, This Does Not Authorize Re-Entry (2021), 4:22 minutes

A Wake of Vultures | Conor Wylie, K BODY AND MIND (2021), 75 minutes