Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art


Curated by Marsha Bradfield with the help of Yin Choi
Opening: Thursday, July 29, 7-9pm


“Shift” brings together works by six local emerging artists that explore themes of impermanence, flux, and adaptation. This exhibition addresses the nature of reality, not so much as a coherent experience, but rather as a medley of encounters.

The varied arrangement of “Shift” underscores its theme of flux. The placement of art in unusual places throughout Centre A requires visitors to look up, down, and through the different works as well as at them. This form of display invites the audience to contemplate how their perceptions change as they move from one art piece to the next.

The exhibition begins with Eli Bornowsky’s audio composition installed in the gallery’s lobby. Just inside Centre A’s main entrance hangs Jenny Hsieh’s large drawing assemblage. Heidi Nagtegaal’s knitted interventions are dispersed throughout the exhibition. Her wool cozies cover some of the gallery’s electronic devices. The projection room features Leanne Coughlin’s video collages, while K.C. Solano’s portraits-on-mantelpiece installation appears on a nearby wall. Finally, Toni Latour’s photo-based project spreads prominently in the front gallery.

The six installations included in this exhibition explore, expand, and explode popular notions of “shifting.” Their subjects and strategies of travel, cultural negotiation and sampling, cyber relations and other forms of transitory experience encourage visitors to consider the many micro movements that make up our day-to-day reality.

Curated by Marsha Bradfield with the help of Yin Choi, “Shift” is the culminating project of Centre A’s Summer 2004 Curatorial Internship Program.

For program information, contact Alice Ming Wai Jim, Curator, at 604-683-8326 or [email protected].

Centre A gratefully acknowledges the support of its individual donors, private foundations and government funding agencies, including the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Art Council, and City of Vancouver Office of Cultural Affairs.