Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Cosmologies: Anything That Exists Has A Beginning (2009)


Title: Cosmologies: Anything That Exists Has A Beginning

Publisher: Centre A

Year: 2009

Price: $3.00

Size: 9 x 6 inches / 23 x 15 cm

Description: This multi-media group exhibition deals with complex cultural systems created by individual artists from various Indigenous cultures. These systems of knowing the world display a diversity of cosmological interests through reflection on beliefs about the creation of the natural world, reflect spiritual practices, or show the different cultural applications based in time and space philosophies. Other systems provide access to the creator – all of which can be combined into a personal way of being or intervening space, adding to the understanding of self. This four-person show at Centre A Gallery in Vancouver includes, Jason Baerg’s project is based in Cree and Métis cultures combined with his investigations of contemporary painting and creating a virtual world; Richard Kereopa’s work deconstructs his own Maori cultural identities in relation to a global culture; Dana Claxton’s video is a mesmerizing account of spirit work and a powerful Lakota medicine woman; Lewis deSoto, from the Cahuilla Nation, creates an installation that speaks to his interests in Buddhist philosophy through the understanding of self and desire.

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