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Dr. Rashmi Chadha: Planetary Interconnections: How the Planet’s Health and Our Health is Intertwined

Friday, September 8, 2023, 3 – 4 PM PDT 

Centre A (Zoom) 


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Join Dr. Rashmi Chadha for her 45-minute talk, which will explore the following topics: knowledge of the triple planetary crisis; understanding of the concept of planetary health; awareness of climate justice; appreciation of our interconnectedness with the planet; and an introduction to planetary health solutions!

Planetary Interconnections: How the Planet’s health, and our health, are intertwined

Dr. Rashmi Chadha MBChB MScCH

(Mum, Doctor, Planetary Health-a-tarian!)

I’ve shifted the way I look at the climate crisis in recent times. I see it as a triple issue: climate change, pollution (air, land, water), and biodiversity loss. Historically our systems have looked at everything from a human only perspective but as we recognize that we cannot ignore our interconnectedness with nature because of ecosystem feedback loops, we understand that climate justice[1] isn’t just for humans here and now but also for all the other living things (plants, animals, trees, insects, etc.) and future generations. Youth in Montana[2] just successfully sued their state and a river in Quebec[3] now has person status!  

There is a lot that we can do. At the end of this article is a graphic of three intersecting circles developed by a UK company, Go Green Experts. Trying to hit the “maximum impact” sweet spot is the way to go! Here’s some ways to do this:

  • Increase your knowledge on climate change. NASA has excellent resources[4].
  • Watch anything that David Attenborough has been involved in with the UN in the last 5 years, seriously. The following links are some great YouTube shorts that I found:
  • Learn more about how to reduce your carbon footprint. More often than not, climate solutions are health solutions[5],[6]. As part of this, if you can, get your home off methane (AKA “natural” gas)[7].
  • “Take the Jump”![8] Six steps to protect our earth and live with joy:
    • End Clutter
    • Travel Fresh
    • Eat Green
    • Dress Retro
    • Holiday Local
    • Change the System
  • Get gardening – growing your own produce, and helping tend the land, is good for your belly, heart health, and mental health (communing with nature, having curiosity for other living things, socializing with other gardeners!). It’s good for the planet as you’re growing your own produce, rather than buying stuff that’s grown and moved in carbon intensive ways. And it’s good for your wallet too! The Food 4 Thought program in Metro Vancouver is a great program matching gardeners with gardens[9]
  • Show up at climate events and actions. Next week is the Global Climate Strike – meet like-minded people and learn more about our planet’s health, and how fossil fuels should not be in our future[10]
  • Learn about a Just Transition for workers in the oil and gas industry[11]

Rashmi Chadha is a mother, wife, and doctor. She is trying to be a healthy planetarian! She provides addiction medicine care at Vancouver General Hospital and is a Clinical Associate Professor in UBC’s Department of Family Practice. Dr. Chadha recognized that the physician voice was severely lacking in the public forum on the climate and ecological crisis. In 2020 she co founded Doctors for Planetary Health – West Coast and most recently instigated a new Vancouver Coastal Health medical staff committee on Planetary Health. She is moved by the increasing interest and dedication of physicians and other healthcare professionals taking up the gauntlet to fight for our planet for this and future generations.

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