Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Another City: Booklet (2009)

Title: Another City (Booklet)

Publisher: Centre A

Year: 2009

Price: $3.00

Size: 5 ½ x 4 ¼ inches / 14 x 11 cm

Description: Over a two-year period from 2007-2009, Masashi Ogura, Yoshihiro Suda from Japan & Vancouver-based, Paul de Guzman have established a dialogue to examine urban issues related to ongoing gentrification and the flow of globalization. The resulting exhibition will consist of “transient” architectural structures designed by Paul de Guzman, in which are sited wooden sculptures by Yoshihiro Suda. The architectural elements will make reference to the train platforms, bus shelters, corridors and waiting rooms that characterize the nomadic mobility of the urban environment.


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