Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

CO-LAB (2011)

Title: CO-LAB

Publisher: Centre A

Year: 2011

Price: $3.00

Size: 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches / 22 x 14 cm

Description: CO-LAB is a cross-disciplinary workshop and exhibition project that focuses on sound, collaboration and the gallery’s physical location. The project brings together a group of Vancouver-based artists from diverse backgrounds to design four projects that incorporate the workshop format and invite public participation. The workshops took place from May to July 2011. The artists/workshop leaders developed experimental models of collaboration with more than seventy participants in total. Each workshop offered an introduction of the project and background research, followed by hands on practice and a collective art making process. The participants not only shared the innovative learning experience but also contributed recorded material for the artwork. The initiation of the workshops is inspired by Jaques Attali’s notion that sound, the organization of noise, is more than an object of study. It is a way of perceiving the world and it reflects the manufacture of society.

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